Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Typical Day

First of all holy pancakes! All I've seen today are paleo pancakes. I guess that bag of almond flour in my cupboard will get some use... Finally.

I've been snapping pictures with my phone of things I've been eating for awhile now. As I was snapping today I decided to go ahead and do a food journal entry. I can't let all those pictures go to waste! So here's what a typical day of 90/10 paleo looks like.


Southwestern Frittata from Everyday Paleo.  This recipe is amazing.  It reheats really well so I just keep it in the fridge for an easy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Paired with fruit for breakfast and veggies for lunch or dinner.  Strawberries this morning!


Today I worked out with my personal trainer.  We did lawnmower rows (45lbs-10reps-3x with 30sec rest between sets), decline chest press (30lbs-10reps-3x with 30 sec rest between sets), and assisted pull ups and tricep dips (I can't remember the weights on these!).  Plus 30 minutes on the arc trainer.  It's amazing what videos you can find on the internet!


Nuts!  I think there were pecans, cashew, walnuts, and almonds in there.

Not very many.  Probably a closed handful.

While taking the pictures my little one saw me and wanted them.  My kiddos love mixed nuts so I ended up making 3 of those little cups.


There's where my 90/10 came in.  Lunch was eaten out at Atlanta Bread Co.  I had the balsamic bleu salad which was greens, onion, tomato, apples, chicken, walnuts, dried cranberries, blue cheese, and balsamic dressing.  I'd say 90% of that was paleo.  Not the best but not too bad!

We don't eat out nearly as much as we used to so I'm just happy to do what I can when we do eat out.  


Atlanta Bread is right next to a Starbucks.  I used to get soy vanilla lattes all the time.  I switched to dark roast coffee with cream.  Plus an occasional pumpkin spice latte.  This time it was just coffee and cream.


Since going paleo I've been trying to find things that all 4 of us can eat to some extent.  I wanted to be able to make some minor changes to our normal meals to accommodate the paleo diet.

I stopped by Williams and Sonoma the other day and grabbed this little guy, a julienne peeler.

Amazingly, it was only $8.  It was well worth it!

Zucchini noodles!  I just put them in the microwaveable bowl with some plastic wrap over it.  Nuked for 2 minutes.

I just used our basic meatball recipe with some organic bertolli marinara sauce.  I have yet to make spaghetti and meatballs totally paleo.  Soon enough!


Tiffany Campiotti said...

That peeler is awesome! I'll have to keep my eyes open for one :)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Makes me want to peel everything to make noodles :) I'm sure they have them at Walmart and Target too. I was just near W&S so I got it.

Jen Pabst said...

Your breakfast and lunch look SO good! I'm totally craving a delicious salad right now!!


Sweet and Savory Eats said...

I've got to ask - do zucchini noodles taste like noodles? I have a big zucchini sitting on my counter - and the debate is zucchini noodles or zucchini bread:)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Ally- They don't exactly taste like noodles but they are good. I like spaghetti squash as noodles too but to me spaghetti squash is sweet. Zucchini doesn't have the sweetness. Nothing beats real pasta though!

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