Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Change of Pace: PALEO

Every time I heard about the paleo diet I couldn't say enough negative things about it. No dairy?! Where do you get calcium from? No grains?! I'd have no energy! High in animal protein and fat?! Animal protein is bad for you right? People think they know everything. I sure think I do! I hate it when people argue with you about something they know nothing about. How hypocritical am I? In the past few weeks I've fallen in love with this way of eating. Of all people I thought I would struggle. I love good for you grains and I put cheese on everything. Honestly, I don't miss it at all. I think it helps that when I started my goal was 90/10. 90% of my meals would be paleo. That left the 10% for a little sprinkle of cheese and a bite of a cookie. I think my eating has really been 99% paleo. I don't miss grains or sugar and I haven't even had a craving for it. I've never had so much energy and I feel stronger during workouts. I'm trying new foods and different cooking techniques. I noticed in the first week that the fat is melting off of my body. I've never had any diet do all of those. I'm sure a paleo diet isn't for everyone. You kind of have to eat weird things and it's a little tricky eating out. It's worth it though for me seeing the results I've seen.

My husband is totally on board. His nickname on here should have totally been T-Rex. While I've dabbled in vegetarian and even vegan lifestyles he's always been a meat eater. The decision to drag your kids into something as restrictive as paleo isn't an easy one to make. I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor. I can experiment with my body and can decide if something doesn't feel right for me. My kids are sticking to whole healthy foods including dairy and grains.

I figured I'd give myself a little bit with the paleo lifestyle before I started blogging about it. I used to use this blog as a food journal. It soon became too overwhelming with recipes, feeling obligated to post something, and blog reading. I miss blogging. I miss the simple part of it so I think that's where I'll start again. Back to the simple food journal.

So what have I been eating?

It's really just been a few simple changes and a lot of things just thrown together.

(eggs, turkey burger, salsa, avocado, spices)

- I don't drink cow's milk but I switched my unsweetened almond milk to organic coconut milk (from a can).

- I switched pasta to zucchini noodles (with help from a julienne peeler) or spaghetti squash.

- I switched our flour to almond flour which I use mainly for breadcrumbs in meatloaf or meatballs.  I'm not really in to paleo baked goods.  I think it kind of defeats the purpose of eating paleo.

- I loaded up on grassfed beef when Whole Foods had their annual 4.99/lb sale.

-  We don't buy cheese, yogurt,

I eat lots of eggs, chicken, spinach, handfuls of nuts, sweet potatoes, coconut butter, and avocado.

(greens, carrots, turkey burger tacos, red pepper, and a balsamic/evoo dressing)

I haven't quite figured out if I want to do daily entries or not.  The thought of that already sounds overwhelming.  We will see!


Tiffany Campiotti said...

I lean more paleo myself, but I do eat plain nonfat greek yogurt and some 2% cottage cheese. Pretty much x-nayed the grains. I love how I feel eating this way too. In my opinion everyone has to eat what makes them feel good. What works for me may not work for you.
Eating out takes some practice, but I usually find something pretty easily. Best of luck!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

@Tiffany CampiottiI love yogurt and cheese so that's why I left that 10% open so if I want just a scoop of yogurt once in awhile I'm allowed. I started out giving myself a little leniency because if I didn't I knew I'd fail.

Kara said...

I too just made the switch to Paleo. I started off just going wheat-free and found I was feeling better and losing a bit of weight and after some reading, I decided to go full on Paleo. I'm also using the 90/10 approach. Makes more sense to me!

Sweet and Savory Eats said...

Interesting! I've heard a TON about paleo, but was just too nervous to try it, thinking I would miss all my foods. But who knows? I give you credit, keep it up!

Kelly said...

Glad you are blogging again :) I look forward to your recipes or just unique eats! I just started trying to eat all real food... but have been interested in Paleo too!

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