Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Three Favs


Leftover meatloaf scrambled with two eggs and spinach.

Gym:  30 minutes with my personal trainer + 30 minutes cardio

Times three no rest in between each but 30 seconds rest after both exercises
Raised leg lunge- Holding two 12lb dumbbells - 15 reps each side
Air squats- 20 reps

Times three no rest in between but 30 seconds rest after the three exercises
Jump squats- 15 reps 20 reps 25 reps
Deadlift- 50lbs bar- 15 reps 20 reps 25 reps
Alternating lunge jumps- 12 reps 16 reps 18 reps

1 minute wall sit

Plus I did the button masher workout.

Those youtube videos are funny!  It gives you the idea though.


Larabars might be the hubs and my favorite on the go snack.  We both like the coconut.  Be careful not all of them are paleo.


Three of my favorite paleo meals!  Leftover paleo pad thai, leftover southwest meatloaf, and crispy curried sweet potato coins.  These just might be my top three favorite paleo dishes.


I ate dinner out so it was unpictured.  Chef salad with ranch.  Not good but not too bad either.

What is your favorite recipe taken from someone's blog?


Kelly said...

My husband and I are loving the southwest meatloaf!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

@Kelly Us too! So yummy and easy to make.

Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness said...

No two ingredient pancake?! I'm shocked! That plate of Paleo foods looks so good! Those sweet potato coins look amazing!

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