Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cupcakes Make Me Happy

What I've been eating lately:

Sliders! (OMG I can't wait to share that one with you!), protein shakes, paleo pad thai+salad, egg scramblers, and peppermint lattes.

I've been stressed out since yesterday.  Between the school shooting, the end of the world (12-21-12), and my husband getting ready to leave for deployment by the end of the day yesterday I was in tears.  It's silly to worry about things you can't control but I was pretty overwhelmed.  Do I believe the world is ending?  No.  Do I believe my husband and children will be safe?  Yes.  It's just a lot to think about.

So today I did a few things to soothe myself and relieve some of that built up fear.  I went to combat first thing this morning to workout.  I've been sipping on coffee pretty much all day.

And I baked.  When I get stressed out, an hour in the kitchen and a good recipe is all I need.  There's nothing like a chocolate cupcake to make you feel better.

I made Juli's Birthday Chocolate Cupcakes.

There hasn't been a recipe of Juli's that I haven't liked!  

Those cupcakes were amazing.  I followed the recipe exactly.  They are kiddo approved!

Have you preordered her book OMG that's Paleo?  I already did!  I gotta have it.

What do you do to make yourself happy?


Mom on the Run said...

I already preordered. I love her recipes. I have wanted to make those cupcakes. Will need to get more coconut oil. I hate when I run out.

Hug those little ones a little tighter this weekend.

Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness said...

I love Juli's recipes too! I've never made something of hers I didn't like. Can't wait for the cookbook to come out!

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look AMAZING!

M.Love said...

I've never made the cupcakes but agree - everything I've mad is fabulous - have her winter throw together and breakfast cass for the week :) can't wait for her book!!

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