Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meal Prep For 3/18-3/22

It's meal prep time again!

Thankfully this weeks meal plan was simple because I had no time today! LB didn't nap and my kids were wound tight. Maybe it was being in the car so much this weekend? The color run was amazing by the way! I'll tell you about it tomorrow!

So on this weeks meal plan:

• Pulled pork, saurekraut, and green chard (dinner)
• Tuna cakes with massaged kale (lunch)
• Almond milk
• Make sure everything is cut up for veggie sides

I put the pork on this morning.

A pork shoulder seasoned with paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, salt and pepper.

Cooked on low for about 10 hours.

Paired with kraut and swiss chard that was sautéed in butter and garlic (thanks to my instagrammers!)

Since my tuna cakes failed miserably last time I made these.

They are really good!  Especially with the massaged kale.

I soaked almonds last night to make milk today.

One jar for me and I went ahead and divided it up for the kids.  Did I mention I switched them off of cows milk?  The more I research the more I think it's a wise decision.

I usually chop up carrots and broccoli to have on hand for sautéing and roasting.

I forgot to buy carrots!  That's a crisis in our house.  We eat about 5lbs a week at least.

My meal prep is done!

What are you planning on eating this week?


Matt said...

I am so jealous of oyur pulled pork!

Melissa Love said...

Here it is 9:15 and buddy I haven't even started anything yet. Ekk! Better get on it! Looks fabulous -- how do those tuna cakes heat up? I think I want to try those!

Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats said...

What is the research you've found on cow's milk? My kids drink a TON of milk. We don't allow juice in our house, so it's either milk or water. Seriously, we go through about 2 gallons a week....I can't even imagine how many almonds I would need to buy to make enough almond milk for them.....

Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl said...

Your tuna cakes look SO if only I ate tuna! ;)

Your fridge looks amazing. That is organization at its best!

Michelle @ Eat Move Balance said...

Nice! Wish I had containers of pork and sauerkraut for the week--it sounds delicious! I meal prepped with soaking and cooking garbanzo beans, slow cooker shredded chicken, made salad dressing, and prepped salads for lunches. All set!

Kristen said...

That sounds awesome!

Kristen said...

Tuna is probably the only fish I eat :/

Kristen said...

Haha! Dairy itself is inflammatory... causing your body to constantly battle it. More than 60% of people are intolerant of dairy! They still eat full fat yogurt (it's easier on your body due to the bacteria) and full fat grass fed cheese.

Kristen said...

They heat up perfectly!

Kristen said...


Anonymous said...

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Beth Lombardi said...

You are a pro at this meal prepping thing! I usually just decide the day of what I'm making.

Robyn said...

You are so organized! It really makes me want to get my butt in gear and plan ahead more, I usually just plan for one day a time. Do you get sick of eating the same food so many times during the week?

Kristen said...

Sometimes! Once my husband comes home I'm sure I'll have more variety!

Kristen said...

Haha! I'm not sure if I'm a pro... I'm getting the hang of it though!

Meg said...

Hi Kristen,
Did you buy the pork from a farm? Or do you just do what you can that is "organic" and otherwise try to eat clean? Your meal prep looks awesome! Also, I love your organization in the fridge!!

Kristen said...

I get our pork from Whole Foods which is hit or miss with local... Sometimes it's local pork sometimes it's from Canada :( I try to only buy the local. For some reason they always have bacon from a local farm. I try to do my best... Sometimes it just doesn't happen ya know? Always grass fed beef, grass fed dairy, and organic chicken though!

Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietician nor do I have any type of medical training. Anything documented on this blog is my personal opinion or a learned experience.