Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What My Kids Ate Wednesday

First of all did you guys see I updated the kid food page?  I've also got a couple of kid friendly recipes coming.  Y'all see what I eat all the time and I love seeing what you guys eat... However, I really love seeing what people feed their kids.  If you are nosy like me you'll enjoy this.  Plus you guys are probably wondering what I feed my kids anyways.

Remember my kids don't eat paleo because I feel like they are too little to fight with over it.  Kids need calories to grow.  My kids would actually not eat if they didn't like something.  It's just not a fight I'm willing to fight right now.  In the future... yes.  

My guidelines for feeding my kids are probably similar to yours.  I try to watch how much sugar they eat.  I try to push veggies.  I try not to fall into convenience traps.  That last one is hard.

So here's what they ate today:


Grass fed whole milk yogurt with a drizzle of raw honey, raw oatmeal, and banana.

My kids don't like granola!  WHAT?!  I know.  They do however like raw oatmeal.  Weirdos.  I'll take it though.

Plus they each had a small cup of orange juice.


Lunch was to go because we went to a friends pool.  Almond butter and organic grape jelly sandwiches and apple slices.


A tortilla with parmesan cheese melted in the middle, kale chips, and pizza sauce for dipping.

They didn't snack and were ok with that today.  Somedays they are and somedays they aren't.

What did your kids eat today?  


Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Mine are very similar, I have cut wheat from their diets and allow brown rice and quinoa. Dairy is not something I plan on cutting from their diets, I make smoothies with coconut and almond milk but still find too much value in dairy for the kids. I've been asked so much about what I feed my kids, seriously about 5-10 times a day.

Kristen said...

I think once my husband comes home I can start focusing more on them going grain free. I think you need to do a blog post on what your kids eat! I love seeing what other people feed their kiddos.

Jill said...

My kid will eat oatmeal(with maple syrup), plain yogurt(with honey), sprouted grain bread with sunflower butter. She likes broccoli,peas,carrots, and cauliflower. She surprises me by eating lasagna too. Smoothies are made with almond milk, and she gets a treat every now and then--popsicle or dark chocolate covered raisins etc. I think we do okay. Oh and she loves fruit. And drinks water in between meals. I try not to be too strict about treats but limit what I keep in the house--for them and me!

Kristen said...

I agree with you on the treats. We have popsicles and chocolate chips. That's the only sweet things we have in the house. They get so many treats everywhere else... school, nanas, friends. They don't need treats from me all the time! My kids also like oatmeal with maple syrup! :)

catwon said...

i love this post and i don't have kids. keep em coming!

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