Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Munchkin Meals: 1st Day of School

Today was my kid's first day of school here in California.

If you have kids you know how I was feeling this morning.  I hate leaving them in a strange place alone.  I walked out of each school sobbing.  We all survived the day...  They both said they loved school.

Speaking of the first day of school...

This guy had this first day of grad school yesterday!  Ha!

Alright, let's talk munchkin meals.

Since we've moved to California and since Christmas is over (FINALLY!) we've cracked down on the kids diet.  They get what we get and we eat paleo... to some extent.  I'm definitely planning some actual days in the lives of my kids posts because I LOVE reading about munchkin meals over at Brittany's blog.


I wanted to show you how we decided to switch our kids over to a paleo diet.  We started cold turkey with all gluten free meals and a paleo dinner including safe starches.

Our paleo meals always include meat, fat, and veggies.  For instance, last night I made zucchini noodles with asian meatballs.

My bowl

Kid bowl

The kids got everything we had plus some steamed white rice.

The other night we made pork chops and brussels.

My plate

Kid plate

Pork chops, brussels, and organic white potatoes cooked in grassfed butter.

Why the safe starch?  Because this is all relatively new food.  I do feel like I'm asking a lot.  I don't think it's fair to do everything cold turkey.  They do have to try everything on their plate (even if they've tried it before).  If they don't like anything on their plate at least they'll like the rice or potatoes and be able to fill their bellies.

What kind of diet do your kids eat?

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