Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seasonal Eating

I think all of this sunshine has the chemicals in my body all confused.  I'm originally from Ohio and I moved to North Carolina when I was 16. Although NC is warmer than Ohio it does have seasons… to some extent. It at least it has gloomy days. I need a gloomy day. I'm just not used to all of these perfect, warm, sunny days… think 70 and bright sun every single day.  What a terrible thing to complain about.  Seriously.

You can definitely tell I feeling the need for a season change by my food.  I'm feeling like some fall foods.  I have turkey and mashed sweet potatoes on the menu this week… and this is just a sample of what I've been eating the past few days.

Eggs and greens of course for breakfast.  Alongside some bacon or fruit.

Brussels, pork, and kale leftovers for lunch.

Thanksgiving meatballs and butternut squash soup for dinner.

See I told ya I'm wanting it to be fall.

and I've been LOVING this little snack.  Dried dates stuff with pistachios.

Does the weather affect your moods?

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