Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Macros

Let's talk macros shall we?

I first learned about macros on instagram (of course) and had a hard time understanding how to do it. It seemed so complicated and time consuming.  I also thought the same thing about paleo.  Like paleo you just get used to it.  I talked a little bit about macros in a past blog post.  So if you are interested in how it works you can get more details there.

I know what you are thinking... Kristen, you look great.  Why do you need to be so strict?  Why are you counting calories?  Why don't you just eat?  You shouldn't have to be so strict.  Just eat in moderation.  I hear ya...

I really do.  I am healthy, fairly fit, and perfectly happy with my body.  However, as superficial as this sounds... I really want to get rid of the belly fat I have.  I have had it my entire life and packed on even more after having kids.  I am so close to being where I want to be.  I don't need a six pack... I don't need to look like Andrea Ager but I want to feel more comfortable with myself.  I want my hard work at crossfit to pay off.  I also haven't been recovering well at crossfit.  Too few carbs?  Not enough calories?  I'm not sure but it takes me nearly a week to recover from being sore.  Plus I love meal planning and counting macros takes that to a new level for me.

On another note- You'll notice in this post and future posts that I've incorporated some non-paleo things into my diet.  Over the past few weeks my husband and I have had a few "ahhhh ha" moments.  One of them was my munchkin's meals and another was the "paleo diet".   We are both so sick of being labeled as "paleo".

Y'all I'm not liking where this paleo diet is going...  I'm seeing more and more people making junk food and calling it paleo.  Cereal, dessert bars, cookies, bread, muffins, cupcakes, donuts... Excuse me but what the fuck?  You aren't supposed to eat those things.  You don't replace the things you shouldn't eat.  "Paleo" or not.  I'm sorry but dishing out a bowl of "paleo" cocoa puffs is just as bad as dishes out the real thing.  Rant over.

Anyways, we both agreed on hating the labeling so from now on we just eat real food.  Real, whole, nutritious foods.  If I could delete the word paleo everywhere I've used it on this blog I would.

So let's get on with this.

Here's what I did.  I went to my myfitnesspal settings and plugged in the following.  1500 calories with 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat.  Then I just started plugging things in.  I added the things I always eat first.  Meal 1 for example- always eggs, greens, and ghee.  Meal 2- always a protein shake because it's right after I crossfit.  Then I started playing around with the rest of it adding fat, taking off protein, adding carbs, taking off fat ect...  It was tricky.

But I got it perfect.

So here's what it all looks like plated.

Meal 1

2 eggs, 1 cup of kale, cooked in a half a teaspoon of ghee.

Coffee with almond milk (1/2c portioned out to a few cups of coffee)

Meal 2

Strawberry Progenex after Crossfit.  I also had an unpictured almond milk latte.  Which is where the extra one cup of almond milk came from.

Meal 3

4oz. ground pastured pork, 1 cup of kale, and 1.5c green cabbage.

Meal 4

A cookies and cream Quest bar.  I bought these on a whim... not knowing they had sucralose in them. Not real food but super tasty.

Meal 5

8oz white ground turkey, 1c sweet potato, 1/2c broccoli.

Meal 6

3/4c yogurt, a banana, and organic Sunbutter.

Tell me your thoughts on macros.  Do you think I'm being dramatic?  


kpf1012 said...

I would say you are motivated, not dramatic :) I have all the intentions, but never start. I know what to eat, but my sweet tooth gets me in trouble. I need to lose 7-10 lbs to get to my goal. I was there while breastfeeding and want to get back!

Shana said...

I'd like to understand Macros a bit more. I've been eating clean (Paleo) for about a year and, like you I feel good but would like to lose the last bit of belly fat. Do you have any recommendations on where to find info on macros? I'm not sure how to determine what my ratios should be for fat, carbs, and protein. Thanks so much. I love your blog!

Danielle said...

I've actually been macroing for a while myself and it just makes sense for me! I'm a planner and a prepper to begin with so for me it's done wonders. I've actually really leaned out and am far less "paleo" than when I started but I actually feel amazing. I'd say stick with it and see what you think!

Jill said...

Looks like a great plan to me. Belly fat seems like the last to go--I'm trying to shed it too. Keep at 'er! My Coach told me to eat more protein, and when I looked at my diet I was surprised how little I did have it. Dried fruit was filling in too much space-that mango is addicting!

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

I've been tracking my macros for a while now and you're right, it's easy when you get into the swing of it. And you're also right on hating the paleo label at the moment, I'm in the same boat (trying to change the name and address on my blog for the last 2 weeks and come up with something more ME). The paleo community is getting way outta control on things and after atten

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

*attended on the weekend I was sitting there going 'this is f***ing stupid, this sounds so pathetic!' Anyway, end rant :)

Absolutely not being

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

*dramatic, if it matters to you then go for it girl!!
I don't know why I had to post 3 comments just screen wouldn't let me keep typing.

Kristen said...

Well I've been thinking about it a lot lately... Then after getting into a pretty heated discussion over instagram with Diane Sanfillipo of Balanced Bites I decided it was all just ridiculous. She posted a picture of grain free cookies on her instagram which is fine but then she linked the person that made them which pretty much makes paleo junk food for a living (cocoa puffs, paleo donuts, cookies..). They claimed she makes gluten free goodies for people with serious nut allergies and while that's all wonderful most of Diane's followers follow a paleo diet without allergies. I felt that when she posted that picture and tagged that person she was telling people it was ok to eat paleo desserts. After several messages I just gave up. Why was I even arguing??? Most people in the paleo community are so narrow minded. It drives me nuts.

Girl we are always on the same page... I bet Tiffany is having similar thoughts because she's usually right along with us ;)

Meg said...

I am so glad you wrote about this. Like you, I have two toddlers (plus one on the way) and I cross fit 3-4 times a week. I simply cannot recover in time while 100% paleo. I am mostly there, but found myself adding in g-free oats, or sometimes rice cakes, or something to make it all work. And quite frankly, I do eat dark chocolate or treats or whatever. I just crave it for recovery (lame? maybe, but it works pretty well!). I have definitely noticed that I am leaner when I eat what I am craving (without going nuts) and that is never strict hard as I have tried to stay with it. I am with you, screw the label. Eat clean, real, nutritious food....and some treats in moderation :)

Sara said...

I totally agree about your assessment of where Paleo is going and it has prompted me to want to completely change my website because of it! I'm almost done with graduate school for Holistic Nutrition and just want to get away from the Paleo label before I have to smack another Paleo brownie from a client's hands!

Kristen said...

What an accomplishment Sara! That's one of my dreams... One day... Treats are perfectly fine to some extent but I've been seeing quite the plethora of them lately. I've also seen several well known paleo ambassadors encouraging these paleo treats. I'm just over it!

Kristen said...

I just added in gluten free oatmeal today and honestly I felt perfectly fine. If not better! It was SO delicious and I had plenty of energy!

Holly said...

Ah good old Paleo... I've been non-paleo pretty much since falling pregnant - primarily due to an insatiable need for salty potato! ha.. I'm all for counting Macros - particularly for us as Crossfitters, and my hubby is also training for an ultra marathon - i think I have finally been able to make him realise he drastically under eats for the performance & recovery he wants/needs! check out the website eat to perform - awesome info & tools for macro counting.. and another super cool chick in the industry just released an ebook that I'm so keen to buy, its here:
Go you! you will smash those goals!

Megan Mack said...

I was just talking to my mother about this but it had nothing to do with the sweets. I feel like everyone thinks it means I sit down to a giant steak with bacon and no veggies. I get frustrated at the label of any diet though. There is one particular person that drives me nuts with her paleo donut post. Your little rant definitely has got me thinking about what I actually call how I eat. I started paleo because I wanted to stop eating all that junk and all the posting of treats really do get you thinking "Oh well it's paleo I guess I can eat it." I liken it to my vegan friends who eat soy that is made into some sort of fake meat and nosh on oreos as treats... How is that healthy? It's not even food.

The Paleos said...

Ok, seeing you post about your macro intake on Instagram totally peeked my interest to head over to your site and understand your format a bit better. I have been 50% fat, 25% carbs and 25% protein pretty effortlessly (on good days) for a long time. But then a couple of days would go by and I would turn Hoover and feel the need to go crazy on all kinds of foods, mostly carb rich foods. Lately it got me thinking about my levels of satisfaction, basic needs, etc. and I think you bring up some great points about the different macro ratios and how we all respond to them. My husband thrives off of low carb, but I don't think it is working for me and it is leading me to binge on the wrong carbs.

And oh my amen to the thoughts on paleo. I had to change my blog name because I wanted so badly to disassociate from the mentality that it is creating these days. Not healthy at all!

Love that I am finally a reader of your blog! :)

Mandi said...

I also stopped making progress on paleo and my body fat is much higher then it should be so I also started tracking. Are you feeling hungry at all? I'm doing basically the same thing but I've felt really hungry this week. I'm also struggling to get my percentages right. Do you do them all ahead of time? How do you get it perfect?

Michelle Tieleman said...

Looks good! I've been paleo since I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes but sometimes struggle to recover from exercise too. I think having a few more carbs might help. Do you feel better with that breakdown of food?

Kristen said...

I definitely feel better! I used to barely get through three crossfit classes a week. now I'm actually doing 5 plus an olympic lifting class each week. That's a huge difference. Honestly, I just feel happier eating carbs too. I like my oatmeal and white rice. It makes me happy ;)

Kristen said...

Mandi you might need to bump up your calories a bit! I think if you are trying to lose any weight there will be some hunger but you shouldn't be ravenous. I eat almost the same thing every morning so I log it. Then I log my snack and lunch. After lunch I plan out my dinner and before bed snack so it fits my macros. There are also many times where I plan my next day before I go to bed or just give myself some guidelines. It gets easier!

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