Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Next Three Days

first of all

Did you see?

Tiffany and I finally got to meet!  We've been chatting through blogs, emails, and Facebook for years now.  Honestly, I wasn't nervous at all and it was like talking to an old friend.  Of course a food blogger meet up would consist of a 10.5 mile hike.  Whew my legs are sore!

alright on to the food

I did my meal prep on Sunday for the next three days.

It's always "the next three days" in my house.  Since I've been counting macros I meal prep every three days and have Sunday as a rest day or "cheat" day if you want to call it.  I still eat healthy.  I just give myself some slack on the counting.  If I happen to want a cookie or something that's the day I eat it.  If we want to go out to eat that's the day we go.

Now before I even went shopping I planned out what I was going to eat for the week.

here's what I planned for my three days

1 egg
2 egg whites
1t coconut oil
1/3c oats
2T PB2
Coffee with ½ c almond milk

Protein shake- strawberry progenex (it's terrible get the chocolate)

4oz grassfed 85/15 beef
1c green beans
1c kale

8oz chicken breast
½ c broccoli
¼ c basmati white rice

1c plain nonfat greek yogurt
½ banana

1T sunbutter

grocery list
green beans
basmati rice
coconut oil
almond milk

1515 calories
152g protein- 40%
116g carbs- 30%
50g fat- 30%

here's what it looked like


• This was one of my favorite meal plans.  I felt great all day.  

• Did you see I added PB2?  I saw it on instagram... it was bought on a whim.  Not my thing but I'll use it up.  

•  I also added some oats for breakfast and LOVED it.  I felt great and it kept my belly full.  

•  I also found that I really enjoy egg whites mixed with whole eggs.  I actually like it more than all whole eggs.

Have you ever met another food blogger?

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