Saturday, January 10, 2015

RECIPE: In The Bag

I've been making almond milk for years. I like almond milk for the taste. I'm not dairy intolerant. I just don't really care for the taste of milk. I've tried many recipes and they all taste good. I've found that the secret though is in the bag.

Really it is.

I have three "nut milk bags". I've tried them all. I've even tried layering them. I still end up with grit in my almond milk when I use them.  I don't like that.  A few years ago I started using a small 100% organic cotton bag and I haven't turned back.

Homemade Almond Milk
1 cup of almonds soaked overnight
3 cups of water

Blend the almonds and the water for about a minute or two and then strain through a bag (whichever you prefer!). Refrigerate for up to three days.

The bag I use is from ecobags.  I found mine at Whole Foods but you can find it here.  To wash I just use an unscented dish soap and then let it drip dry.


Jill said...

Yum. I have not made this in a long time. Love it in my smoothies.

Kristen said...

I do too! And in my coffee.

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