Monday, February 9, 2015

Divine Light

Do you ever have that one day where everything is right? Everything goes smoothly and everyone is happy? Yeah, I know, I rarely have them too but today was a good day.

Mondays are normally pretty good because I spend an hour and a half doing yoga in the morning.  Starting my morning with a yoga class makes my mood so much better throughout the day... or what my yoga instructor said today, "May your day be filled with divine light".  My light today was divine.

Here's what I ate today.


I'm loving this combination for breakfast.  I made freezer packs with mango, pineapple, green chard, and banana.  In the morning I add coconut water.

Plus Ezekiel toast with almond butter, unsweetened coconut, and banana.

*Know that this is not what I eat before I do crossfit.  This would not be a substantial breakfast.  This was before yoga.  


Lunch was EASY.  Easy because I had everything prepped in advance.  This weekend I cooked some grass fed beef with onions and peppers.  I grated some sweet potato and put it in the fridge.  I also washed and chopped all of my veggies.  Today I melted some coconut oil in a pan and added some of that grated sweet potato and chopped green chard.  Once they were cooked through I added the leftover beef.  It took about 10 minutes.


My kids found a recipe in a magazine for peanutty noodles so that's what we made tonight.  We used chicken breaast, carrots, bok toy, and rice noodles.  The recipe was similar to this one.  We all loved it.

What gives you divine light?


Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Yum, your food today looks so tasty. You sound like your back in the land of the living (and tasting).

Kristen said...

I never thought yoga would make my mood so positive. Especially all day long!

Kristen said...

I know right! Thank goodness!

Sarah B. said...

As a part time yoga teacher this post made me so happy! It's just what we hope for our students. And as always your food looks super yummy. It's inspirational :-)

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