Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Staying Well

I've been wanting to do this post for awhile.  Over the past year (knock on wood) we haven't had much sickness around here.  When my throat does start to feel scratchy or when we've been around someone sick I start doing these things.  Tis' the season for sickness.  I'm hoping maybe you can incorporate one or more of these things into your life this winter.

1- Bump up the Vitamin C

We don't start chugging gallons of orange juice but I do try to incorporate more vitamin c into our diet.

2- Bring out the weird stuff

Immune support tea, elderberry syrup, tumeric milk, and kombucha.  Anything that will give our immune systems an extra boost.

3- Increase vegetable consumption

I really pay attention to how many vegetables we are getting and add a few extra if I can.

4- Use a doTERRA flu bomb and diffuse OnGuard

We used this on our trip from California to North Carolina and back.  I put it on the bottoms our feet before we went to bed each night.  Even with the flu running rampant we didn't get a sniffle.  I also diffuse OnGuard at home.  Buy doTERRA oils here.

5- Drink bone broth and lots of water

Bone broth heals and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Tell me how you beat a cold.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

In The Bag

I've been making almond milk for years. I like almond milk for the taste. I'm not dairy intolerant. I just don't really care for the taste of milk. I've tried many recipes and they all taste good. I've found that the secret though is in the bag.

Really it is.

I have three "nut milk bags". I've tried them all. I've even tried layering them. I still end up with grit in my almond milk when I use them.  I don't like that.  A few years ago I started using a small 100% organic cotton bag and I haven't turned back.

Homemade Almond Milk
1 cup of almonds soaked overnight
3 cups of water

Blend the almonds and the water for about a minute or two and then strain through a bag (whichever you prefer!). Refrigerate for up to three days.

The bag I use is from ecobags.  I found mine at Whole Foods but you can find it here.  To wash I just use an unscented dish soap and then let it drip dry.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How I Use doTERRA Lavender (Sleep)

my child finally sleeps

A few days ago I posted a picture about using lavender essential oil to get my son to sleep.  Between Facebook and Instagram quite a few people expressed some interest in it.  I figured I'd do a little blog post explaining how I actually get him to sleep at night and where I get my oil.

First of all, please know I am not a registered dietician nor do I have any type of medical training. I am not a doctor or licensed in anything.  I am just sharing an experience I had with doTERRA oils.  Please use them at your own risk.

Also, know that essential oils cannot fix discipline or behavioral problems.  To put it bluntly if your child is a terror because you don't discipline the oils won't make them an angel.  Mmmk?  Set yourself and your child up for success.  Have a good bed time routine, make sure they eat a good dinner, have a good sleep environment, etc...   We had already done our best to set everyone up for success but my little guy was waking up about every night between 12-3 to crawl into our bed.  This has been going on for FOUR years.  He's always been a bad sleeper.

So that's when the oils came in.  I had been using essential oils for aromatics in my house for awhile but had never used them to "fix" anything.  I did a little research and decided that doTERRA would be the best quality especially since I was using them on my child.  I splurged and bought the big kit (I wanted to do some flu/cold prevention as well) so I got a diffuser along with the lavender.  I pretty much dove head first into doTERRA without doing much research.  I'm impulsive. Thank goodness doTERRA is a good company.

Anyways, here's what happens in my house every night between 7-7:30.  While LB is in the tub at night I start the diffuser in his room.  I fill it up, add 2-3 drops of the lavender, and set it to go for four hours.

When he crawls into bed at night I have him lay on his belly and I drop 2 drops on each of his feet and rub it in.

That's it!  He sleeps solidly through the night almost every night.  Occasionally he'll get up but is willing to get back into his bed and go back to sleep.

If you have any questions about doTERRA oils don't hesitate to send me an email:

Or if you are interested in buying them or want to learn more about them you can always go to my store:
my doterra store

Do you use essential oils?  Tell me your thoughts on them!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Giveaway: Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook

I stumbled upon Joshua Weissman's blog, Slim Palate, over a year ago.  I was new to paleo and on a mission to find new recipes.  Josh had everything I needed.  Brilliant pictures, a way with words, and best of all fantastic recipes.  His new book The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook is an exact replica of his blog.  It's well organized, full of breathtaking food photographs, and loaded with useful recipes.

Most of the recipes in the book are simple yet flavorful.

Tonight for dinner I made his caramelized butternut squash with thyme.  All four of us inhaled it.

I also made his brownie recipe.

It is hard to believe how easy these are to mix up.

In the past few months Squirrel has developed a pretty strange nut allergy.  These brownies are nut and grain free.

We may have eaten the whole pan after dinner one night.

I haven't done a contest in quite some time so I was thrilled when Josh said I could give a copy of his book away.

So here's the deal:

Hey guys make sure you entering through rafflecopter!
• All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what you look for in a cookbook.
(pictures, desserts, simple meals, slow cooker meals, easy to read)
• The contest ends March 31st.
• Giveaway is limited to US residents.
• If you don't win you can always order his book here on Amazon.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Next Three Days

first of all

Did you see?

Tiffany and I finally got to meet!  We've been chatting through blogs, emails, and Facebook for years now.  Honestly, I wasn't nervous at all and it was like talking to an old friend.  Of course a food blogger meet up would consist of a 10.5 mile hike.  Whew my legs are sore!

alright on to the food

I did my meal prep on Sunday for the next three days.

It's always "the next three days" in my house.  Since I've been counting macros I meal prep every three days and have Sunday as a rest day or "cheat" day if you want to call it.  I still eat healthy.  I just give myself some slack on the counting.  If I happen to want a cookie or something that's the day I eat it.  If we want to go out to eat that's the day we go.

Now before I even went shopping I planned out what I was going to eat for the week.

here's what I planned for my three days

1 egg
2 egg whites
1t coconut oil
1/3c oats
2T PB2
Coffee with ½ c almond milk

Protein shake- strawberry progenex (it's terrible get the chocolate)

4oz grassfed 85/15 beef
1c green beans
1c kale

8oz chicken breast
½ c broccoli
¼ c basmati white rice

1c plain nonfat greek yogurt
½ banana

1T sunbutter

grocery list
green beans
basmati rice
coconut oil
almond milk

1515 calories
152g protein- 40%
116g carbs- 30%
50g fat- 30%

here's what it looked like


• This was one of my favorite meal plans.  I felt great all day.  

• Did you see I added PB2?  I saw it on instagram... it was bought on a whim.  Not my thing but I'll use it up.  

•  I also added some oats for breakfast and LOVED it.  I felt great and it kept my belly full.  

•  I also found that I really enjoy egg whites mixed with whole eggs.  I actually like it more than all whole eggs.

Have you ever met another food blogger?
Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietician nor do I have any type of medical training. Anything documented on this blog is my personal opinion or a learned experience.