Thursday, November 29, 2012

Randomness and Groceries

This might be the most random post ever. 

My beloved MacBook Pro is being sent to Apple.

It's amazing how much damage this cute face can cause...

For now I'm blogging from the hubs laptop which isn't as cool as mine.  It will do for now though!

Now where did I leave off?

Last night I stirred up some Thanksgiving meatballs.

This recipe uses such a small amount of celery.  Celery isn't something we eat regularly so when I plan on making this recipe we have a ton leftover.

I snacked while I cooked.

I also grabbed some butternut squash soup out of the freezer.  Dinner done in like 15 minutes!

I know I did a grocery post a little while ago but I figured I'd do another one since we went grocery shopping today.

On the list was stuff for the kids:

Local whole milk
Brown rice
Boxed mac-n-cheese
Cereal bars (random thing thrown in the cart- for busy mornings)
Whole wheat pasta
Chicken nuggets

Meat:  This lasts us two weeks. 

2lbs ground pork
1lb applegate deli turkey
1lb whole foods deli cajun turkey
Pork chops
2 grass fed steaks
2 bison steaks
2lbs ground turkey
3 packs of bacon
3lbs grass fed beef
Frozen chicken breasts
Pork shoulder

Paleo things:

Almond milk
Grass fed butter
Coconut milk
Almond flour
Half and Half (the hubs uses it in his coffee)

Produce- We don't buy much produce at Whole Foods because it is a little expensive.  The main reason we shop at Whole Foods is for meat.  Obviously.

Red pepper
Asian pears
Spaghetti squash

Find anything interesting the last time you went grocery shopping?


Michelle @ Eat Move Balance said...

Mmmm . . . lots of goodies in that grocery trip! I stopped at Trader Joe's yesterday . . . and something that was out of the ordinary was the bag of parsnips I found. I've never seen them there before, but just like the carrots, they were bagged as a 1 lb bunch. I love parnips, but the ones at my regular grocery store have a wax coating. Gross! The parsnips I found at TJ's didn't! Yay! :)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

@Michelle @ Eat Move Balance I've never had a parsnip! I'll look when I go do another grocery shop. They sound interesting!

Tiffany Campiotti said...

I love that you bought a case of Kombucha lol. That's awesome!
I tried parsnips and didn't care for them. I may have to try them again...prepared differently. I also need to re-up on my meat. I went to Costco today but still have to hit the grocery store for some veggies and meats after I make my menu. FYI, I love celery. Didn't used to, but it's now one of my favorites :)

Charmaine said...

It's impossible to find anything interesting where I live now, but in Berkeley we came to really like broccolini (can still find at Whole Foods), kumquats (hard to find outside of California, great in salads), kiwi berries (I have never seen outside of Berkeley but delicious). Pat puts flax seeds (Bob's Red Mill) on his morning oatmeal, and I have used them in salads for a little crunch. Pat is also really into white balsamic vinegar, it's a nice alternative for making salad dressing if you get tired of regular balsamic (totally different flavor).

Charmaine said...

Here is something interesting I have been looking for but can't find it (I probably have to order it online). And it's not exactly food... So I flew on United in October and I was actually reading the in-flight magazine (I know) and I read about this kind of gin made by Greenhook Ginsmiths in Brooklyn NY; they make a beach plum gin which for whatever reason sounds very appealing to me! And I rarely drink! But if I was going to drink a luxurious glass of something, this would be it! [and now you know all my secrets...]

Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness said...

I'm jealous of your meat stash and that case of kombucha! Only another Paleo person would want those things ;) That picture of your son is so cute!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

@Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness You are so funny! I've always wanted a whole case of kombucha. It's cheaper if you buy the case!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Char- googling that gin right now!

Sweet and Savory Eats said...

I am scared to know the cost of the grocery trip! The closest Whole Foods we have is 2 hours away, but I've heard they are expensive. But with that being said, it's worth it, getting great product! Now, I'm craving a waffle...seeing those sit on your counter!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

It wasn't too bad! It was a little under $300. That's meat for at least two weeks. We will just have to do one more small produce shop.

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

This is amazing - cute little boy :)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Thank you! :)

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