Saturday, April 13, 2013

Whole30 Day 13


Paleo pumpkin porridge from Paleo Jess.  Topped with sunflower seed butter and salted cinnamon coconut chips.  I think I may have had sex with my pants on this morning... If not then it was real close.

Here's the deal.  I know this was pretty much a paleo pancake all smashed up and it may look like I was trying to recreate oatmeal.  SWYPO means you try to recreate something unhealthy using paleo ingredients... Something that you really love.  It violates the emotional side of the whole30.  I hate oatmeal.  So I don't think I broke a rule.


A leftover local grass fed beef burger topped with avocado, homemade mayo, mustard, and relish.  Plus salt and vinegar cabbage and a leftover hardboiled egg.

Do you know that it was a little tricky finding relish and mustard that was whole30?  Even condiments have so much crap in them.


My parents grilled out so I brought some more of that grass fed beef.  Plus a couple Applegate organic hotdogs and roasted sweet potatoes.

I'm stuck on repeat... but I like it.

An hour of body combat. I was at the gym at 7:45 this morning with both kids... Where were you?! #noexcuses

How I feel:
I felt good today.  I felt a little tired this afternoon but it didn't last long.

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Leslie said...

Your breakfast looks sooooooo good. Apple gate hotdogs? I am jonesing for sausages or hotdogs. I must find some of these, I thought the ones I found all had forbidden junk.

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Here is where I find it difficult to understand the 'grey' areas, Whole30 say that you can't do SWYPO food, to me that means things like muffins, pancakes, hotdogs, burgers, bread, chips, etc. Not things like oatmeal. Then they say they would prefer people to eat the almonds than make almond milk...but coconut milk is absolutely ok?? I get confused with their guidelines sometimes. I've seen whole30 repost photos on Instagram and facebook showcasing great whole30 dishes (and I love that they do that) but some of these pictures have had 'sweet potato fries', I thought that was swypo...then the other day they had someone's picture with chia seeds, and i thought chia seeds were a 'grey' area too. It seems hit and miss with it sometimes and that's when I say "make it your own journey". (Boy I got carried away then...ooops) And Kristen, you are doing soooooooo well! I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't over think it too much :-)

Kim said...

I agree with Jess - I see people posting pictures all of the time with things I wouldn't have considered Whole30. Do what works for you. We ate burgers without a bun a few times and we made homemade sweet potato fries.

I mean, you may have had sex with your pants on. I say if a meal is going to get you that excited and still be Whole30 compliant - go for it. ;)

Canada Girl said...

First of all, that hard boiled egg looks so creamy and delicious...MMM! This whole day of eats just looks so good. When you posted the bbq stuff on instagram I almost died...I want it. Even though it is just a hot dog, it looks so good! I wish I could get applegate stuff here in Canada :( Also I just want to say PROPS to you on doing this, doing well, and posting everyday! You rock lady! You inspire me :)

Kristen said...

I totally agree with you Jess. Mentally I actually feel good. I don't really want brownies when I see them or think of a McDonalds cheeseburger when I eat my burgers. I think SWYPO is different for everyone. If you struggle with muffins then don't make muffins. If you struggle with real pancakes don't make pancakes. Right?

Kristen said...

Applegate organic hotdogs are grassfed beef. Plus there is no junk! I feel like they are ok... They could be SWYPO.... It depends how you take it I guess. Watch your toppings though. I even had a hard time finding relish and when I did it was pretty expensive for a jar of relish :(

Tiffany Campiotti said...

Great day! The SWYPO means something different to everyone I think. I was a little confused after reading the explanation lol. The line is blurry I think. I get it, but it's hard to really see where you are just making healthy substitutions and "recreating junk with paleo ingredients". I think if the sub is something you truly enjoy and it doesn't make you want "the real deal" it's fine. Beats me though lol

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Exactly Kristen :-)

Leslie said...

I agree with you both! :)

Kristen said...

That's what I'm thinking too. Everyone has a different SWYPO thing. Mine would totally be cookies.

Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed said...

Those look like some tasty eats! I have mixed emotions about SWYPO... I mean if you can make a delicious "treat" that is compliant then I say enjoy! I think it's good to find replacements for some of your favorite foods (like paleo pancakes) but I also think there's a difference between making pancakes with paleo approved flour vs. mixing up some bananas and eggs and frying it in a pan, making something that kinda looks like a pancake. I don't know!

Lindsay@WithCoffeeCupInHand said...

Oh my goodness you cracked me up about your breakfast! With a comment like that, how can I not try it now?! I did piggyback off of your day a bit for our dinner here. I don't know if it was because your food always looks so good or if I was just in the mood for a burger. Either way I made mini burgers with roasted sweet potato "fries" and I made your salt and vinegar cabbage (finally!). It was sooo good and hit the spot! I'll definitely keep making your cabbage, it was delicious!

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