Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Whole30 Day 2

Thank you guys for your input yesterday! Keep in mind that the Whole30 is a learning experience.  Whether you've never done it or you've done it multiple times.  Everyone has a reason for doing it and everyone will make mistakes.  No one is perfect.  I learned from my mistakes yesterday and had an awesome day today! 


Three scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, and leftover broccoli all cooked in ghee.  I love the ghee!  It almost makes it taste cheesy.

Plus coffee and a banana.  This really kept me full until lunch.  In fact, I wasn't even that hungry around noon.


Ground pork, brussels, kale, half an avocado and kombucha.


Leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce and mushrooms.  Plus half of a roasted sweet potato with melty coconut butter.

Oh man those sweet potatoes tasted like dessert.  I melted the coconut butter with a little coconut oil to make it really drippy.

One hour of yoga and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill at a pretty intense incline.  I'm taking it easy at the gym this week.  I was off most of last week and I'm going to let my body adjust to this Whole30 thing before I go crazy.  I'm just feeling the need for yoga and pilates this week.  Something about my bare feet on a mat... Don't get me wrong I love lifting heavy things too.  I just go through phases.

I drank all two liters of water today.  My belly was sloshing around during yoga.  It might not seem like a lot of water but it really is.  I'm in the bathroom all day long!  I got that bone broth in...

Plus I've been drinking coconut water...  Maybe every other day?

Not that stuff!  That stuff is GROSS.  It went straight in the trash.  I do like the pineapple and mango flavors of that brand but nothing beats my favorite plain coconut water.

I bought a couple different coconut waters last time I was at the store.

First of all I love the pulp!  It's just little chunks of coconut.  Ahhhh.  Heaven.  Plus those both come in cans.  I love that.

And this is my favorite brand.  It's so sweet and delicious!  I can't wait to drink it this summer.

How I feel:
Feeling so much better than yesterday!  No headaches, no food cravings, and I was never hungry.  If only it could stay like this for the next month!

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Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, the sweet potatoes look divine. I need to try them. You use coconut butter and oil?

I am glad today went better for you. Today was much harder for me. I snacked but I was hungry so I am not going to feel badly about it.

Kristen said...

It was about a tablespoon of coconut butter and 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil cooked in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Awesome! As long as you are snacking out of hunger it's ok... The boredom snacking is what gets me!

Tiffany Campiotti said...

Yummy day!! I've been drinking the fresh coconut water from my coconuts that I use to make the milk, very tasty! I'll have to keep my eyes open for that brand. Love original kombucha too. Didn't buy any this week due to budget constraints, but next week for sure!

Jess @ PaleoJess.com said...

I am absolutely doing this to my sweet potato tomorrow morning before i head out for a run, I have a hard time with sweet potato on it's own but that looks awesome! Glad you had a better day Kristen :-) It looks like a very yummy day.

Kristen said...

You should try it!

Kristen said...

Thanks girl! Coconut butter is amazing! :)

Kristen said...

I've gotta get a coconut......

Marissa said...

OMG! The sweet potatoes look fantastic! Your eats look wonderful, way to stay focused ;-)

Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats said...

Okay...stupid question. Where can you get ghee? Or do you make it? I actually have no idea what it is. Forgive me:)

Kristen said...

You can make it... I just buy mine at Whole Foods in the butter section. :)

Kristen said...

Not a stupid question because it took me forever to find it!

Naz said...

Oh my I really miss Kombucha! I can't find any here in England, well where we are! The rest of your food looks great :) Well as you know I'm not specifically doing the Whole30 BUT I will be posting Whole30 approved recipes on my blog so if you like put mine on the list too :)

Jen Stimbert Pabst said...

I've been eating sweet potatoes and coconut butter the past few days...OMG...heaven!!!!

Emily F said...

Glad you're feeling better today! Oh holy wow, I'm doing that with my sweet tater tonight!

Kristen said...

Seriously one of my favorite things ever!

Jen Stimbert Pabst said...

It's becoming a favorite :)

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