Saturday, April 20, 2013

Whole30 Day 20

Oh man did I have a day that tested my emotional status with food.  I had my day all planned out perfectly because I knew it was going to be a busy one and everything ended up all messed up.

I had to take both kids and a hurt dog to the vet first thing this morning at 7:45. I'm not sure what happened but one of my dogs had a big puncture wound on her face (I'm guessing it was from one of my other dogs).

While the vet was putting staples in her face...

My four year old was puking in a trash can in the room. My two year old was running wild through the vets office and next door to us they were euthanizing a dog. It was crazy.  I debated putting those pictures up but if you are at all in to animals or science you'll probably like them.  Plus I've already put pictures of my kitties amputated leg.

We had two birthday parties to go today (ahhh that's so mom like!) and we attempted one. Squirrel ended up spending the rest of the day on the couch with a stomach bug. I am praying praying praying that LB and I don't get it.

One great thing about my day is never once did I want crappy food.  That is HUGE y'all.  I'm a stress eater.  Not really an emotional eater.  If I get sad I actually lose my appetite.  But if I'm stressed I'll shove anything and everything in my face.

Here's what I did eat today:


I took leftovers and added two eggs!  YUM!


I was strapped for time and mental capacity so I just ate more leftovers.  Straight out of the jar!


Oh wait how about some more leftovers!  Ha!  This time I added a grass fed beef hotdog and greens tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  This was awesome.

I planned on going to the gym today but that didn't happen.

How I feel:
Right now I can barely keep my eyeballs open.  I'm tired both physically and mentally.  Caring for a sick kid is tough.  Especially if you have another kid that's not sick and bouncing off the walls.  I am proud of myself for not turning to food for an emotional crutch.  Serious progress.

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Michelle @ Eat Move Balance said...

Maybe all this fantastic food is fueling you properly to not want to emotionally eat. Sorry to hear about a tough day. Hope your Sunday is better! :)

Leslie said...

Aww, poor puppy dog! :(

Even though it was a crappy day you handled it without going for food! That is huge! Great job.

Tiffany Campiotti said...

Thank goodness for leftovers!

Sorry Squirrel has a tummy bug! I"m totally sending good vibes your way for it to skip yourself and LB!

Your poor doggy too. Her face :(
Tomorrow will be better. High five for no stress eating!

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Oh I wish I could hug you right now....I know that's tough. You did so well, I would've probaby had wine for sure!

Kristen said...


Kristen said...

Thanks girl!

Kristen said...

Keep those vibes coming :)

Kristen said...

I didn't even want chocolate... That's a big deal ;)

Danielle said...

Aww hope everyone in your family feels better real soon! Poor things!

Kim said...

Oh no! Your poor doggie. :( Sorry you had a tough day. I hope today is a better day for all of you.

Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats said...

Ugh...I was in your boat two weeks ago when the husband was gone for a week and had two sick kiddos (puke included...) Hang in there and great job for still eating well!

Robyn said...

aww poor puppy!! hopefully it heals quickly and she will be back to normal. I'm a stress eater too, especially if I KNOW stressful things are coming up I anticipate it by pre-stress eating too. So that is wonderful that you held yourself to your plan and didn't go overboard on anything because with all that going on it would have been easy to fall into that habit. Great work! Hopefully next week settles down for you

Kristen said...

I just know this time will pass... Next week has got to be better!

Kristen said...

Oh I'm a pre-stress eater too! It's hard not to!

Lindsay @ fuel my family said...

Send the little guy to your parents for the night maybe. Whenever one of mine pukes, the other gets it without fail. I guess because they always share sippy cups and like to trade silverware all the time. I usually am able to not catch it though. I hope you don't either!

Naz(@CinnamonEats) said...

Good on you for handling a tough situation. Doing the Whole30 is hard enough let alone doing it with 2 kids, and then with sick kids and a sick dog! Be kind to yourself and give yourself credit for getting through a tough day. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and only 10 days to go! :)

Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed said...

Oh my... way to stay strong!

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