Monday, April 22, 2013

Whole30 Day 22- Week Three Check In!

First let's check in.

This week was rough with the kids... Do I say that every week?  I had a sick kid all week long and it's still continuing.  We went to the doctor today by the way.  Food wise I did awesome.  I was stressed and I didn't want food.  That's huge!  I am feeling better, sleeping better, my skin is better, and I know I've lost weight.  I kind of don't want to end this thing.

How was your week?  Go link up with Courtney!


Three eggs, broccoli, peppers, and onions cooked in ghee.


Chicken salad (chicken, avocado, grapes) on spinach and some overdone kale chips.  That was such a great combination!  The grapes, avocado, and shredded chicken.  I also added some onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.  You gotta try it!

I was too busy making these guys...

To pay attention to my kale chips!  They got a little crispy.


Speaking of those guys...

These were awesome.  I made PaleOMG's turkey stuffed twice baked sweet potatoes around lunch time for dinner.

They reheated well and were so good.  If you haven't bought Juli's cookbook you should.

Plus I made roasted asparagus.  Such a simple and delicious meal.


How I feel:
Felt a little blah today.  I woke up in a funky mood.  Not all days will be perfect...  I did have a great day of eating though.  Everything was satisfying!

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

I'm making those sweet potatoes! Delish! Nom-nom.
Having a sick kid is hard! I've dealt with multiple temper tantrums myself today...yay :P Ugh.
They can't always be awesome days. Hang tough!

Anonymous said...

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Kristen said...

But I want them to awesome every single day haha! :)

Kim said...

The potatoes look amazing! :)

Lindsay @ fuel my family said...

Oh I want those potatoes! I am currently eating a sweet potato with cottage cheese as a snack as I blog :)

Kirsty M said...

Those potatoes are such a fab idea :) hope your little one feels better soon xx

Naz(@CinnamonEats) said...

Those sweet potatoes look delicious! I really need to get her book!

Emma Bliss said...

Those sweet potatoes look awesome! Great that you don't want it to end. That must be a good sign.

Lindsay said...

I've made avocado chicken salad and squeezed in lime juice for some acidity, but adding grapes sounds so good. I'll have to try it that way next time! Those potatoes look so yummy too! I've seen stuffing them with a bacon/apple/onion mixture too... There you go inspiring me again!

Kristen said...

The lime juice is a great idea! The grapes really did it I think. Ohhhh bacon, apple, turkey burger, onion...... YUMMMMMY!

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