Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whole30 Recap

First of all... I did not cheat.  I did not eat a single bite of processed food, preservative, sugar... nothing.  I even steered clear of anything with "natural flavor" in it.  I didn't eat out for 30 days in fear of something not being compliant.  I'm an all or nothing kind of person.  Can you tell?

For the entire month of April I barely went to the gym.  I had sick kids most of the time and sick kids equals no kid care for me.  I was really hoping to moderate a fitness side to the Whole30 but I really didn't get the chance.

What I learned about myself:

• I am a stress eater. Anytime I am stressed I want food. Even if it's a banana. I don't think that will change. I might need to let myself just have a banana. It's better than a cookie.

• I missed paleo pancakes from day one to day thirty. I just like them mmmk?

• I had a serious sugar addiction and I feel pretty in control of it now... however, I'm not sure if I'm ready to let sugar back into my diet full force.  It will definitely be moderated closely.

• I noticed my body wanted a special "treat" at certain times of the day.  It was the same times everyday.  Right when I wake up, mid afternoon (usually around 2), and right before bed.  I'm still unsure as to what causes it (it isn't stress) or how to fix it.  Habit?

Weight prior- 147
Weight after- 140

What now?

I'm actually going to pretty much continue doing what I'm doing.  I'm addicted to the compliments on how great I look, how great I feel, and the results.  I am definitely going to incorporate paleo pancakes, bacon, popcorn on Friday, and a couple of sweet treats back in.  I have several sweet paleo products in my house right now and I can't wait to try them- LoveBean Fudge Cream, Hail Mary Macaroons, and Paleo Treats.

It will also be nice to be a little more social.  I didn't eat out at all so there were several times this month where I watched people eat out.  It kinda sucked.

I have no desire to add grains, legumes, or dairy back in to my diet at all.  There's no reason for it.

June will be another Whole30 for me so if you missed April plan on June and I'll do it with you!

Y'all know what I had for breakfast this morning!

Ahhhhhhh.  Finally.

What is one thing you "know" about your body?


Tiffany Campiotti said...

You kicked my @$$ on the weight loss! Lol. Awesome. I actually think I'm retaining water today, and I'm probably closer the 144, but still... Look at you. I'm seriously happy though that I lost inches. Glad you enjoyed your pancakes this morning!

Leslie said...

I am so so so proud of you. You are amazing.

I know that I can't eat gluten I really need to moderate what I put into my body. Immworried with having dairy that it might be the gateway to other things. I'm going to really watch myself.

Thank you so much for being a fantastic source of support and encouragement to me this past month. :)

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Awesome results Kristen, at it was a tough month for you with sick kids and the doggy incident. I'm supporting Rach with her Whole30 in June (I'm sure she said June, it may be July). I really wasn't going to do another one, I missed my once a week pancakes and smoothies so much, but she wants the support so I'll do it along with her. Those pancakes look sooooo good!

Kristen said...

You are so welcome girl. I really feel like you learned so much about yourself! It was awesome following you :)

Lindsay @ Fuel My Family said...

I have really found over the last year or so that health is really more what you eat than working out. Working out is important, for sure, but if you truly eat really clean, I think its really hard to be overweight and unhealthy. But eating "clean" is slightly differnet for every person (vegetarian, paleo, all whole foods, etc) but I feel like as long as you arent eating processed foods, preservatives, "flavorings", food dyes, and many sugars, a variety of "diets" can work to make a person healthy. Looks like you had a super successful month!

Jill said...

Wow! 30 days-u made it. I loved reading about your eats. I would love to do this in June. I am a bit scared because of my every day addiction to sugar---I will have to get rid of all the chocolate before I even attempt this!!

Kim said...

The pancakes look amazing!! Looking forward to doing Whole30 in June with you and whoever else decides to join in. :)

Lori said...

I am definitely in for Whole30 in June! Reading "It Starts With Food" right now.

Michelle @ Eat Move Balance said...

Congrats! Way to stick with it 100%. That's really impressive! Hope you enjoyed your paleo pancakes--they look delicious. :)

Kristen said...

Aww thank you!

Kristen said...

Awesome!!! It's such a life changing book!

Kristen said...

Yay!!!!! You are a pro!

Kristen said...

Sugar was a huge thing during the month. It's also been hard already afterwards. :(

Kristen said...

I agree with you on the working out. Actually part of the whole "primal living" is about low key natural exercise. Walking, lifting heavy things, or intervals. It's kind of cool... My focus this month was to really try to recognize cues from my body and I definitely did that!

Her Diary said...

I heard about Whole30 on Courtney's blog. Sounds great.


Naz(@CinnamonEats) said...

Good on you for getting through the 30 days with no slips :) Those pancakes look perfect! :)

Kristen said...

Thanks girl! :)

Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed said...

Congrats on not cheating, you rock! I definitely crave treats at certain times of the day (after lunch, before bed). Hard to break the cycle, but I really can't feel too bad fulfilling my cravings with some dried fruit, or like you said a banana! I'm not so sure I broke my sugar cravings, it's an ongoing challenge!

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