Saturday, July 13, 2013

NO RECIPE: Paleo Chicken Salad

I kind of designated Friday as a day to recap my eats for the week.  I had to share this recipe though because I literally ate it all week long.  I forgot to hit publish yesterday... Duh.

If you are on instagram you've seen this already.  I'm obsessed with this combination.  It's fatty, sweet, salty, and crunchy... and perfect for the summer!

Plus it's so simple.

No Recipe Paleo Chicken Salad 

-Cooked and chopped chicken breast
-Chopped almonds
-Red grapes cut in half
-Mashed avocado
-Lots of salt and pepper
-Bibb lettuce leaves (you could also use romaine)

Mix the first six ingredients together in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, and then spoon onto lettuce leaves.  Roll up and enjoy!

What's your favorite summer lunch?


Christine said...

That does look delicious! Grapes and avocado, mmmm.

Tiffany Campiotti said...

Love this combo! My husband liked it too. A little bit of mustard is a yummy addition too :)

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

That looks so good Kristen! I love anything wrapped in lettuce. Fav summer lunch is salad itch beef or chicken and my Thai dressing :-)

Jen Stimbert Pabst said...

Love this idea!

P.S. made the cherry chia smoothie for my kids and they LOVED it!

Kristen said...

Me too! I've been wrapping everything in lettuce lately.

Kristen said...

Mustard! YUM!

Kristen said...

SO glad they liked it! It's always a hit in our house :)

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