Monday, October 7, 2013

My Favorite Paleo Meals

I love using my blog as a resource.  Whenever I need meal ideas I come here.  I've posted so many of my meals that sometimes I have a hard time finding what I need.  By making this page this puts everything in one place making it easy for me to find things and hopefully giving you a good place to come to when you need ideas.  Come back because this page will be updated frequently with more ideas!


chia pudding

steak and eggs


egg and veggie scramble

coming soon


turkey sandwich wrap

coming soon 

coming soon 

coming soon

coming soon


steak, sweet potato, something green

pork chops and brussels 

ground pork, kale, avocado

bacon wrapped chicken thighs

taco salad 

burgers and latkes

coming soon

Alright what am I missing?  Tell me your favorite paleo meals!

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