Saturday, January 4, 2014

All In One Pan Saturday Breakfast

Most of my favorite food combinations and recipes come when I'm not even trying. This morning was just that.  Just so you know I'm on a grated sweet potato kick.  My husband doesn't appreciate it.  I'm sure he's counting down the days for this phase to be over with.  He's not a fan of sweet potato.

This morning I made bacon for the whole family.  When the bacon was cooked I removed it from the pan and some of the fat.  I left maybe two tablespoons in the pan.

First I added a little bit of minced onion and let it cook for a few minutes.  Then I added maybe a cup of grated sweet potato (YAY!).  I left it in the pan until it was brown and somewhat crispy.  Then came some chopped spinach and some of that bacon I made earlier.

I topped it with fried eggs.

What's your favorite flavor combination?

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