Friday, January 31, 2014

Amazon Prime and More Randomness

I know I've been slacking on blog posts. It's so much easier to instagram... Seriously. Do any of you feel that way?  I get so caught up in posting on there that I forget about this little thing I have going... called MY BLOG.  I've been eating a lot of good stuff lately and I've found some really cool things!  If you follow me on instagram some of these pictures might be a repeat.

First of all... Honeyville almond flour.

I've heard so many bloggers recommend it but I never thought it would be worth spending $40 for.  I mean come on... Almond flour is almond flour.  Bob's Red Mill is JUST fine... right?  Not so much.

It's $40 for pretty much a lifetime supply in my house.  5lbs is a lot!  Plus it really does make all the difference in the world.

Texture.  It's not grainy.  It's not coarse.  It's so close to real flour.  It took my paleo pancakes to an all new level.

Let me put it this way.  I made a batch of the almond flour pancakes just for myself for dinner the other night because the rest of my family usually doesn't like them.  My husband and kids were begging for them.  They were that good... and it's all because of that flour!

Speaking of Honeyville almond flour... Amazon prime!

The only place I can find sugar free sunflower seed butter here in Monterey is Whole Foods... and it's $8.99 a jar.  I got a 6 pack on Amazon for $39!  I'll do the math for you.  That's $6.50 a jar.  Needless to say I'm an Amazon prime addict these days.

And let me talk a little bit about this guy.

I'm not usually a fan of larabars.  I like to make my own.  I'm so in love with this bar.

Of course it's seasonal and my Whole Foods is out of them.

Maybe that's a good thing...?

Have you tried anything new lately?

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